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Welcome to Seekerville! 

This is the blog of the Seekers, thirteen published Christian writers. We are all contest winners and finalists who randomly collided on the road toward publication. When we met in August of 2005, NONE of us were published. In six short years the Lord has brought all our God given dreams to pass.

We are Golden Heart finalists and winners,RITA finalists, Carol Award finalists and winners. Genesis Award finalists and winners, and Christy Award finalists. 

In October 2016 we celebrated our NINTH YEAR!

This group blog offers what we offer each other--support, encouragement, and information for the writing journey. No cost, no fees.

Since we all have experience in fiction writing contests, we'll be posting contest updates as well as posts on writing craft, contest savvy, and spirit-boosters.

To become part of our Village, simply leave a comment and join in the fun!

Our motto:
"Our focus on Him as we write toward the dream,
We shall leave no woman behind." (T. Russo, 2005)


As of July 2011 ALL of the Seekers have left Unpubbed Island.

Contact us at Seekers@Seekerville.net

If you are new, drop us an email and
 we'll send you a welcome packet of our books.