Speedbo 2017

2017 is our SIXTH year to Speedbo.

This year our theme is DON'T LOOK BACK! It doesn't matter what you did in past Speedbos. What matters is this year.  So PRESS ON!

 Speedbo Primer for Beginners:

 Like book-in-a-month, Speedbo in its purest form is a 31-day self-challenge where the writer puts aside the inner critic and produces manuscript pages with the ultimate goal of completing an entire book. No editing allowed.

Of course in the real world that's not always possible. 

So we provide our Speedbo non-rules:

Daily, weekly, monthly writing goals are maintained by the individual writer. You may share or not. Your choice.

Check in is not required, but only those who comment will be entered into the weekly incentives.  All the action is here on the Seekerville blog. One easy location. No fees required.

Don't rule out Speedbo because you can't write nonstop for 31 days.Consider doing the Speedbo that fits your lifestyle:

  •   Become a weekend warrior for five weekends.
  •   Give up evening television for a month to write.  
  •   Get a babysitter Saturday afternoons for a month so you can write. 
  •   Get up one hour earlier for a month so you can write.  
  •   Write during your lunch hour at work for a month.
  •   Become a 1k per day writer for March. (ask about joining 1K1HR on Facebook)
  •   Writing, or revising? We don't care.
  •   Fiction,or  non-fiction? Your call. 
  •   No rules Just write.
    More Speedbo Information:

    You can sign up February 18, through March 31st by sending an email to seekers@seekerville.net with your personal goal listed in the emailYou cannot sign up unless you have a visible goal. A finish line.

     Sharing your goal is only for accountability. Seekerville will not be sharing your goal with anyone. Check in happens on the blog only. In the comments.

    We'll add your name to the Seekerville Speedbo Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame will be updated by midnight EST of each Speedbo Day, and your name will appear at Seekerville.net and then on our blog on March 4th.

    Additionally, we'll send you a confirmation email with a Speedbo participant badge to add to your blog or website and a certificate of participation.  

    All participants who sign up by March 1st (March 1st at 11:59 pm) will be entered in a drawing for a little extra incentive -one $25 Amazon gift card to be given away for every 50 writers who sign up.  Remember you can still enter Speedbo after it begins. 

    Weekly Speedbo incentives will be mentioned in the Weekend Edition and winners picked from comments posted during the week. So do comment and check in during the week. All incentives will be mailed out after Speedbo. We're writing in March.

    So sign up, and whatever you do, stretch yourself. 

    Get out of your comfort zone.

    Speedbo Starting Line Up Hall of Fame

    1. Renee McBride💪
    2. Sandy Smith
    3. Megan Brummer
    4. Tina Radcliffe
    5. Ruth Logan Herne
    6. Laura Conner Kestner
    7. Jackie Layton
    8. Sally Shupe
    9. Preslaysa Williams
    10. Phyllis Wheeler
    11. Cindy W.
    12. Wilani Wahl
    13. Pam Hillman
    14. Jessica Baughman✌
    15. Dana R Lynn
    16. Nancy Connally 
    17. Josee Telfer
    18. Loraine Nunley
    19. Laurie Wood 
    20. Sharee Stover
    21. Mary Connealy
    22. Erica Vetsch
    23. Amy Grochowski 😉
    24. Patti Jo Moore
    25. Christina Lorenzen
    26. Jules Dixon
    27. Kathryn Barker
    28. Glynis Becker
    29. Cindy Martin
    30. Michelle Gregory
    31. Rhonda Starnes
    32. Connie Queen
    33. Meg Rouse
    34. Janet Ferguson
    35. Tina Pinson
    36. LoRee Peery
    37. Crystal L. Barnes
    38. Corina Burch💥
    39. Jill Weatherholt
    40. Debra Marvin
    41. Rachael Koppendrayer
    42. Karen Bracken
    43. Myra Johnson
    44. Toni Shiloh
    45. Amber Schamel
    46. Kelly Blackwell
    47. Sherrinda Ketchersid ✎
    48. lizzie starr⭐
    49. Sherida Stewart
    50. DebH
    51. Lori DiAnni
    52. Jessy Ferguson
    53. Heather Duff👈
    54. Marcia L. Scott
    55. Janet Dean
    56. Linda Truesdell
    57. Tanya Agler
    58. Iola Goulton
    59.Yoxani Shurtleff
    60. Cate Nolan😉
    61. Melanie Dickerson
    62. Lara Hitchcock
    63. LeAnne Bristow
    64. Jeanette Hill
    65. Bettie Boswell
    66. Ann Schrock👓
    67. Kathy Bailey
    68. Tema Banner
    69. Cindy Huff
    70. Terri Weldon
    71. Glynna Kaye
    72. Kav
    73. Debby Giusti
    74. Rebecca McLafferty🚗
    75. Carol Moncado
    76. Kelly Goshorn
    78. Lyndee Henderson
    79. Jeanine Ers
    80. Christine Campbell
    81. Missy Tippens
    82. Rachel Jones
    83. Christina Miller
    84. Angela K. Couch
    85. Laura Bernal
    86. Christina Rich
    87. Katy Lee
    88. Marion Ueckermann
    89. Ginger Solomon
    90. Nicki Chapelway👸
    91. Leola Ogle
    92. Amanda Wright
    93. Emily Neyer 👍
    94. Dana McNeely
    95. Boo Smelser
    96. Kathy Alexander
    97. Amy Catlin Wozniak   
    98. Alison Stone
    99. Vicki L. Marnie 
    100. Natalie Monk 
    101. Sarah Nuss 
    102. Julie Lessman
    103. Norma Poore
    104. Tanara McCauley
    105. Vince Mooney
    106. Jan Drexler
    107. Anita Mae Draper
    108. Laura Russell
    109. Meghan Carver
    110. Pegg Thomas
    111. Heather Snyder
    112. Tammy Johnson
    113. Debbie Valine Exum
    114. Cindy Regnier
    115. Kimberly Jones
    116. Kelsey Kamentz
    117. Sally Bayless
    118. Janet Kerr
    119. Judith Cross
    120. Niki Barlow
    121. Naomi Voorhees
    122. Jana Vanderslice

    Speedbo Giveaways

    **All prizes claimable April 1 for Speedbo only.**

    Per our legal page:  All prizes must be claimed within 8 weeks of announcement or are forfeited. Seekerville is not responsible for any lost, damaged or misdirected prizes.

    Congratulations to Starting Line-Up Winners Yoxani Shurtleff and Emily Neyer who won a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

    March 4

    First scene critique -up to 20 pages. -Winners are Kathy Bailey & Kelly Blackwell. 
    Surprise book package winner is Trixi.
    $15 Amazon Gift Card winner is Nancy Connally
     Winner is Josee Telfer.

    March 11

    First scene critique -up to 20 pages.  -2 winners are Sally S and Rebecca McLafferty.
    Surprise book package winner is Phyllis Wheeler.
    $15 Amazon Gift Card winner is Glynis.
    This Week's FUN GIVEAWAY IS THIS OUT OF PRINT MUG!  The winner is Jules Dixon.

    March 18

    First scene critique-up to 20 pages.  Winners are Jeanne T & Linda Truesdell.
    Surprise book package winner is Becky (OhioHomeSchool).
    $15 Amazon Gift Card-winner is Lara Hitchcock.
    This Week's FUN GIVEAWAY IS STARBUCKS: Winner is LoRee Peery.

    March 25

    First scene critique -up to 20 pages. Winners are Sandy Smith and Marcia L. Scott.
    Surprise book package- Connie (cps1950)
    $15 Amazon Gift Card-Sherida Stewart.
    This Week's FUN GIVEAWAY IS A STAPLES GIFT CARD!-Jublieewriter (Cindy Huff)

    April 1

    First scene critique -up to 20 pages. - 2 winners- Cindy Regnier & Dana McNeely.
    Surprise book package- Caryl Kane.
    $15 Amazon Gift Card- Laurie Wood.
    This Week's FUN GIVEAWAY IS AN OUT OF PRINT TOTE! and goes to Rhonda Starnes.