Welcome to Seekerville - The Journey Continues!

It all began when 15 contest-winning inspirational author divas began to meet in person at the September 2004 ACFW conference in Denver, Colorado...

And from that meeting, "The Seekers" were born.

By 2011, we had accomplished our goal. All 15 authors had been contracted by royalty-paying publishers and moved off of "Unpubbed Island" onto the mainland. And in ten years of blogging here in Seekerville, we've helped a lot of people achieve the same goals... no cost... no fees. Just good old-fashioned advice from people who walk the walk.

We've got multiple blog awards, many author awards, including Rita finalists, Carol finalists and winners, Christy finalists and multiple "bestselling" credentials to our names, but that's not why we're here.

We're here to help others achieve their dream, and with the ever-changing current landscape of publishing, we're evolving alongside the industry we love.

How to become part of the village? Just leave a comment on a post! It's that easy. We advise, counsel, commiserate, laugh and cry... but most of all we encourage you to stick with the dream, day by day, season by season. We're here to help (when we're not writing wonderful stories!) and we hope- and pray- that your experience with us will be marvelous.

The odds of fifteen women banding together and praying one another into publication were astronomical... and yet, it happened.

Some of the original Seekers have retired from writing, some from blogging, some from both, but we expect they'll drop by to keep us up-to-date on their releases, their happenings. In the meantime...


The Journey Continues.........

To contact us, please e-mail us at seekerville2[AT]gmail[DOT]com