Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Weekend Edition

Share in the comments and we have some great giveaways up for grabs.
A Surprise Book Package for a Reader and a First Ten-Page Critique for one writer. 
Let us know you want in.
Winners announced in the next Weekend Edition.

We Have Winners!

If you are not familiar with our giveaway rules, take a minute to read them. It keeps us all happy! All winners should send their name, address, phone number to claim prizes.

Winners of Castles in the Clouds are Kathy Bailey, Jackie Smith, and Trixi.

  Shannon Taylor Vannatter returned on Monday and she shared, "My Diagnosis: Writing in Layers."Shelli Littleton is the winner of  Reuniting with the Cowboy!

 In Tuesday's post, "Those Small Rewards," Sandra Leesmith talked about the rewards of writing and ways to motivate your production levels. Dana McNeely is the winner of an autographed book plus a surprise.

 Inspired by a recent trip to the Grand Canyon, Seeker Glynna Kaye shared “Rim-To-Rim: 7 Tips for Crossing the Book Canyon from Page One to The End,” on Wednesday.  Meg Brummer and Theresa Van Meter are the winners of e-copy of James Scott Bell’s “The Mental Game of Writing: How to Overcome Obstacles, Stay Creative and Productive, and Free Your Mind for Success”!

 Cara Lynn James was your hostess on Thursday with "Character Healing." Winner of a $15.00 Starbucks card is Nicky Chapelway.
A Surprise Package of Books for One Reader

Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: Mary Connealy is in the house, fresh off the whirl-wind ACFW conference in Nashville. Stop by to chat with Mary.

Tuesday: Jan Drexler returns with her post, "How to Be a Fabulous Writer in Three (Not-So) Easy Steps."  Jan has a double giveaway for our Villagers: For a reader, Mattie's Pledge, and for a writer, a first 5-page critique.

Wednesday: It's time for the September Contest Update. Do stop by to meet our contest divo/diva who will share contest wisdom. The prize vault is open!

Thursday: Candee Fick will be back talking about "Crafting Believable Bad Guys (and Then Redeeming Them),"  in addition to offering two copies of her second soon-to-be-released novel, Dance Over Me. This is the story Seeker Audra Harders gave a 5-star sigh.

Friday: Best of the Archives: THIS IS MY BRAIN: Or Why I Don't Sleep At Night with Tina Radcliffe. While comments are closed on Fridays for writing and reading, NOTE** This post includes a very live survey.

Seeker Sightings

ACFW and CFRR Nashville Pictures to Share:

More pictures will be added tonight!

L/R Patti Jo Moore, Darlene Buchholtz, Janet Dean, Debby Giusti, Ruth Logan Herne, Mary Connealy

Julie Lessman Speaking at CFRR
Mary Connealy and Ruth Logan Herne at CFRR
Janet Dean and Patti Jo Moore at the Christian Fiction Readers Retreat
And here's Julie!~

L/R Pepper Basham, Ruthy, Melanie Dickerson, Janet Dean, Kristi Ann Hunter and Julie.

L/R Melanie Dickerson, Gabrielle Meyer, Laura Frantz, Pepper Basham
Sightseeing at the Hermitage. Home of President Andrew Jackson.Myra, Debby, Janet and Mary
Hanging out. Day 1

Hanging out with Georgia Peaches.

Jan Drexler, Jackie Layton, Heidi Blankenship

Laurel Blount and Rhonda Starnes

Stephanie McGee and Janet Ferguson

Elizabeth Van Tassell

Carol Moncado, Bettie Boswell, Jill Kemerer

Hanging out!

Villagers at Bongo Java coffee shop  L/R Marilyn Ridgway, Elaine Stock, Tanya Agler, Jan Drexler, Dana Lynn, Mindy Obenhaus 
Debby Giusti and Victoria Ramsen, LI Marketing, Toronto

Debby Giusti, Pam Hillman, Janet Dean and Myra Johnson

Natalie Monk

LI Spotlight with L/R Rhonda Starnes, Laurel Blount, Tanya Agler, Dana Lynn
Sharee Stover and Mary Connealy

Sharee Stover, Joy Avery Melville, Julie Lessman and Mary Connealy

Selfie Alert!!! Pam Hillman, Dana Lynn and Rhonda Starnes.
Pam & Amanda Barratt
Pam Hillman (Center) with Tracy and Matt Jones of Jones House Creative
Darlene Bucholtz, Janet Dean and Lyndee Henderson

Janet Dean, Penelope Powell and Mary Vee

Julie Lessman, Cara Grandle, Myra Johnson, Jane Dean, Debby Giusti, and Mary Connealy

L/R Ruth Logan Herne, Katelyn Bold from Gilead, Nichole Parks from Gilead, and Julie Lessman.  
Cathy West, Julie Lessman, Susan Mason and Laura Frantz

Mary Connealy, Julie Lessman & Mary Vee

Ruth Logan Herne, Mindy Obenhaus & Senior Editor Love Inspired Books, Melissa Endlich

Patti Jo Moore and Julie Lessman
Julie, Debby, Myra, Janet, Mary and Barbara Scott
Julie Lessman and Pam Hillman
Mary Connealy and Dawn Ford

Christine Sharbrough, Library Journal & Pam

Pam & Melissa Parcel, Romantic Times Book Reviews

Erica Vetsch, Debby Giusti and Pam Hillman
Mary Connealy and Jane Ferguson

Converse Twins, Rhonda Starnes and Sara Ella


Congratulations to Genesis WINNER LAURA CONNER KESTNER!


Gala Gals! Myra Johnson, Mary Connealy, Janet Dean and Debby Giusti.
Congratulations, ERICA!!

Random News & Information

Thank you to all who send links.

ACFW Awards Gala 2016, August 27, 2016 - 6:00PM CDT LIVE BLOG LINK HERE!

Here's the September Seekerville Calendar for those who are paying attention! You can get a PDF copy on our web page. It's a link on the RIGHT SIDE under LATEST NEWS. Yes, the August calendar is still's still August.

Did  you know that RWA has galleries of conference photos on the website? Great memories! And the conference workshops are available for purchase here.

Valley of the Sun Romance Writers Hot Prospects Contest has updated their judge list, with no time to spare. Contest ends September 1.

How to Distinguish Yourself Among Agents and Editors (Writer Unboxed) ** 

Twitter Marketing for Authors by Kim Headlee (Romance University) **

 How To Hit The USA Today Bestseller List As A Single Author With Ad Stacking (The Creative Penn)**

 What Makes a Reader Keep Turning Pages (Steven Pressfield) 

 Anne of Green Gables Series Coming to Netflix (GalleyCat)

 Specifics on How My Street Team Marketing Has Worked, ThunderClap Marketing (The Write Conversation)

Revising, Revising, and How To Make it Through (Writer Unboxed)

EBook Anatomy: Inside the Black Box (The Book Designer)**

Short on time? Read these ** and come back for the rest later!

Have a great writing, reading and conferencing weekend!