Monday, May 28, 2018

Seekerville is Closed Today

Seekerville is closed as we pause for Memorial Day, a federal holiday in the United States established to remember the men and women who died while serving in our country’s armed forces.

Please join us again tomorrow!


  1. Wishing Everyone a Prayerful Memorial Day.

    Closed with comments.
    Isn't that's somewhat like roommates with benefits?

    1. LOL, Vince. It's the result of working long demanding hours at the day job and being foggy when uploading the post. :)

      Like you, I do hope everyone takes a few moments in prayer today to thank God for the sacrifice others have made we so can live in a freedom that is too often take for granted.

  2. Giving thanks for our military heroes and special, prayerful gratitude to those who gave their lives so we might be free! God bless the USA and God bless our military!