Saturday, January 5, 2019

Weekend Edition


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Monday:  Our Rockin' It New Year's Eve Party List of winners!!!

4 Amazon $20.19 Gift Cards:

Barb Beachy
Cynthia Herron
Laurie Wood 

Debby Giusti's Prize Pack:  Strgth4yu

Read past bedtime pin: Deana Smallwood

Loving the Texas Lawman:  Debbie

At Home in Wishing Bridge: Sharon Collins

Winnie Griggs gift pack:  CathyAnn40

Becoming Mrs. Lewis:   Julia Buzard

Her Colorado Cowboy:   Susan P

Kindle winner: Sally Shupe


Tuesday: Happy New Year!

Wednesday: Mindy Obenhaus rang in 2019, offering some direction for the new year with Goals, Resolutions and One Word

Friday: Amy Anguish talked about home and the impact it is has had on her writing. The winner of a copy of An Unexpected Legacy is Sandy Smith.

Monday:  Mary Connealy joins us to today to fill us with post-holiday cheer!

Tuesday:  Our friend Richard Mabry is coming by today to talk about his newest release and whatever else Richard wants to share with us because, well... we like him. 

Wednesday:  Ruth Logan Herne is here to chat about The Sorrow of Unfinished Tasks and why that becomes a writer's Achille's heel or nemesis or arch-enemy #1... She'll be talking about what it takes to get the job done because ain't no one gonna be buyin' a blank page.... And she's pretty sure she's right about that! :)
Friday: Meez Carrie will enlighten and entertain this fine Friday!

Erica will be blogging at (1/5/2019) and Heroes, Heroines, and History Blog (1/10/2019) this week. She'll be talking about the Maori traditional marae on the fifth, and the Scots custom of 'First Footing' on the 10th!

The first book in Jan's Journey to Pleasant Prairie series is on sale! Pick up your e-book copy of Hannah's Choice at your favorite on-line retailer (Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or for only 99 cents! (79 cents from CBD!)


Love Inspired Books and Harlequin are doing a RUTHY LIVE spot on facebook on 1/28/19 at 1:00 EST... and you know our Ruthy does not want to be left alone to be embarrassed in front of the bosses! So you must come over to facebook (and yes, she will nag, cajole, annoy and remind you) so that they think I'm ridiculously popular!!!! That way they keep letting me write books, Win/Win!!! And I'm talking for thirty minutes.... Most of youse know that talking is never a problem for The Ruthinator. :)

Don't miss the exciting Amish Witness Protection Continuity 
from Love Inspired Suspense!

By Debby Giusti
Hiding in Plain Sight
The second thrilling Amish Witness Protection novel

After Julia Bradford’s son witnesses a gang shooting, hiding in witness protection on Abraham King’s Amish farm is the only hope the Englischer and her children have. Even as danger closes in, Julia is drawn to the community’s peaceful ways—and the ex-cop turned Amish protector. But when their location is discovered, can Abraham protect her family…and possibly have a future by her side?
 Pre-order HERE!

Join the fun and find out more about Mary Connealy's Garrison's Law series! Starting January 8, there will be a scavenger hunt series Blog Hop hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours! See you there!

How to Promote Your Book for Free by Cleo Harrington from the BookBub Partners blog.

The Inner / Outer Balance by Donald Maass at Writer Un-Boxed.

Trends For Authors and Creative Goal Setting 2019 by Joanna Penn at The Creative Penn

Blessed Are The Legend Makers: 11 J.R.R Tolkien Quotes For Writers by Jess Zafarris at The Writer's Dig at Writer's Digest


  1. Happy weekend, everyone!!

    Saturday will be take down the Christmas tree day for us. It's always a bit sad for me, and the room always feels so empty. But it must be done!

    1. Hi Missy:

      I've always felt the same way. For years we always bought live trees and planted them after Christmas. This was easy when we had 1 1/2 acres, however, it got harder to do on our 1/4 acre city lot, so at last we have gone to two nice artificial trees for which we never have to say 'goodbye' but simply say caio...which is both a goodbye and a hello. All the trees lived and got real big. There must be over 40 of them. It makes it fun to drive by the old properties.

      It's a way to keep Christmas past in the living present.

  2. Good morning, Seekerville!!!!! Mary Connealy, I'm so excited about your blog tour! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! I just did a Blog Blitz with JustRead and they're amazing.... Carrie and Annie, we love you!

    AND CONGRATS TO ALL WINNERS!!!!! Should we put the NYE list here? I think they all contacted us, didn't they? And it was such a fun New Year's Eve party, huge thanks to everyone for their help and to so many old and new visitors! We love you guys.

    And if you're wondering how to plan for 2019, how to get it in gear for a year of writing, stop by on Wednesday for "The Sorrow of Unfinished Tasks". :) Ain't nothin' worse than folks leavin' jobs half done. 'sall I'm sayin' 'bout that.

  3. Congratulations to all the winners this week.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Happy Weekend, Seekerville!

    Like Missy, this is the weekend for us to take down our Christmas tree and decorations. But we have to - we're also buying paint and supplies to freshen up our living room/great room. Something I've been wanting to do ever since we bought this house almost eight years ago. :-)

    Have a great weekend, and congratulations to the winners!

    1. Jan, we're doing the same thing, this winter is the one to re-paint the family room after I patch the dings and dangs of daycare sweeties! A fresh paint job going into spring is a wonderful thing! But first... the tree!!!!

  5. Congratulations to all of the winners this past week. The sun is shining here in Kentucky and it promises to be a great day. I wish everyone a great 1st weekend of 2019!!

    1. Thank you, Connie! Same to you, and Kentucky is such a beautiful state.... Welcome that sun!

  6. What a Week Coming Up!

    Monday Mary will cheer us up.
    Wednesday Ruth will bring us sorrow.
    Friday I hope Meez Carrie can enlighted us on dealing with emotion conflict.


    Tomorrow, Sunday, the sixth of January, is the Epiphany or Little Christmas. In some homes you get just one Christmas gift on this day. I'am told that the Amish celebrate this day along with millions of more orthodox Christians.

    BTW: I was taught in Bible school that it took the wise men about two years to reach Jesus as they started out when they noticed the new 'star' on Christmas day. This is why Herod had all the male babies under 2 years old slaughtered.

  7. The New Year's Eve party was fun! Thanks, Ruthy, for all your behind the scenes efforts! Congrats to the winners!!!

    It's sunny in Georgia, and at long last, the rain has stopped! Yay! The weatherman said the temp tomorrow will be in the high 60s! Oh my golly!

    Vince, many Amish do celebrate "Old Christmas!" by visiting family and friends. For most Christians, it ends the Christmas season. Merry Christmas--still--to all!

    1. Debby, our tree will come down and mark the end... and I changed out colored lights in the windows to white lights... a bit of cheer in a dreary cold Northern month, but the white lights framing the windows just sparkle, especially if there's snow.

      Which there is not. :)

  8. Hey, Vince! We were taught that, too, at least that it was the "idea" that it would take that kind of time.... And that evil Herod. OH MY STARS, evil dripped from that man!

    Our church is doing a "Come and Be Counted" day, so we're all pretending with the kids that we're traveling to be counted... we have to help the wise men find Baby Jesus.... spin a dreidel..... Buy food at the "marketplace". And our tax is to donate food to the local food shelf. What a great idea!

    And yes, the Sadness of Unfinished Work on Wednesday when snarky Ruthy teaches people to get the job done.

    That's why Mary and I are usually on the same week. She's nice. And I'm.... well... Me. :) So this way folks get Good cop/Bad cop and we're building character.

    Good to see you, my friend!


    1. That might be: Kind Editor and Tough Editor and we need both kinds. I like what your Church is doing.

    2. The funny thing about editors... what one loves, another wants you to change. And I enjoy working with all of them, but they'll tell you themselves that some of their choices come down to personal appeal... so a book comes out one way for Waterbrook but might be different based on guidance from Waterfall or Tyndale, etc. I have learned a great deal from each of them.

  9. It was a great New Year's Eve party. Thank you so much! Congratulations to all the winners and here's to a great new year!

  10. Happy Weekend, everyone. I am going to start the process of taking down the Christmas decorations and the trees today. It is always a little sad but also feels good to start fresh for a new year.

  11. Also, I'm excited to win the book from Amy Anguish.


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