Saturday, April 13, 2019

Weekend Edition


If you are not familiar with our giveaway rules, take a minute to read them here. It keeps us all happy! All winners should send their name, address, and phone number to claim prizes.  Note our new email address and please send your emails to

Monday: Missy Tippens shared a lot of great ideas she learned at a 1-Day workshop in her post titled YOU are Your Brand.

Wednesday: Ruthy Logan Herne brought us an inspiring report from the Christian Fiction Readers Retreat! The winners of her giveaway are "Rosalyn-All-Of-A-Kind-Mom" and Sherida!

Friday: Carrie Schmidt hosted fellow blogger/reviewer Beckie Burnham who shared about her wonderful Faith and Fiction Bible Study/Book Club!

Monday:  Jan Drexler will be bringing our post today!

Wednesday:  Debby Giusti will be sharing a Holy Week Reflection that applies to writing. Stop by and leave a comment to be included in the drawing!
Friday: Winnie Griggs will be sharing with us about how to construct an effective Black Moment.

In anticipation of the release of The Crossing at Cypress Creek, book #3
in Pam Hillman's Natchez Trace Novel series,
the first two ebooks are on sale for the entire month of April!
Click here to get The Promise of Breeze Hill!

Click here to get The Road to Magnolia Glen!


From 8:00 this morning until 6:00 tonight (and before and after) Ruthy's former daycare clients and current grandkids will be gathering money (noisy money and quiet money, too!!!) new clothes, food, baby supplies for two homeless shelters in Rochester, NY, a city where poverty has gripped far too many for way too long. If you're in Western New York, stop by the farm and chat a while... And there could be cookies in the mix!

Proceeds will go to House of Mercy, a wonderful shelter founded by Sister Grace Mitchell when she saw too many shelters closing doors on ice-cold nights.... And 50% of the donations will go to The Margaret Home, a brand new home for homeless unwed mothers. They'll be able to have their babies and stay there up to two years while working on their GED and/or job placement. Two beautiful additions to our community.

Fired Up: Robert Crais on Passion, Process and Plot Twists by Jessica Strawser at Writer's Digest.

What's the Problem? The Four Classic Conflict Types by Janice Hardy at Fiction University.

Writing Tips: 8 Ways to Take Your Book from Good to Great by guest Braeden Phillips at The Creative Penn

Writing a Novel: How to Hook Your Reader by guest Robin Murphy at The Creative Penn.

What is Flash Fiction by Lindsey P. Brackett at The Write Conversation.


  1. Ruthy, such great outreach! Bless you for helping so many!

    Praying for all Seekerville friends during this stormy weekend. Stay safe!

    I'm still basking in CFRR 2019 afterglow! Such a wonderful gathering! Waving to everyone who was there. I got home WED eve and have been catching up since then.

    Have a blessed Palm Sunday!

  2. Happy Weekend, Seekerville!

    Praying for a successful outreach for Ruthy & Co. What a great idea!

    We're recovering from the blizzard that came through this week. There is still a three foot snow drift in the yard, but with today's southeast wind, it won't last long.

    Looking forward to spring weather!

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  3. Ruthy has a wonderful heart, and what a great time to do it (Easter/Lent).
    I am off social media for Holy Week.
    I appreciate the Seekers, Villagers and all you do. I will be back in the mix Easter Monday.

    1. Blessings on your social media fast, Kathy! We'll see you when you get back.

  4. Fun WE and Ruthy and her bunch are out raising money. How wonderful! Love you! :)

    Me? Well, I was SO excited to get to stay HOME today for a change. Just polished off a piece (or two... ahem) of sugar-free low-carb Trim Healthy Mama Pumpkin Cheesecake and finishing my second cup of coffee while contemplating my list of things to accomplish on this rainy day.

  5. Happy weekend to you all! I pray you have a wonderful Palm Sunday.

    I got to enjoy a cooking class today! I shared photos on Facebook. :) We learned to make French macarons!


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