Saturday, July 20, 2019

Weekend Edition


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Monday:  Jan Drexler shared her methods of Managing the Chaos to Encourage Productivity. So many great ideas!

Wednesday:  Debby Giusti explored Storms in the Writing Life. Winner's choice of one of Debby's books goes to Catherine Hackman! Congrats!

Friday: Jane Choate discussed Revisions - A Tiered Approach. Revisions are here to stay, so let's get them done! to get them done. The winner of a copy of Inherited Threat is Glynis. Congratulations!

Monday:  Erica will hold court in Seekerville today!

Wednesday:  Cate will join us live from RWA - NYC! Stop back during the day on Wednesday and Thursday for updates and conversation and to get in the drawings for some RWA swag and books.
Friday: Pam will astound all with her wit and wisdom!

will be signing at the RWA Conference
in New York City.
Stop by her table and say hello!

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The Novel Series Part V: Story Beats and How To Find Them by Hannah Bauman at Between The Lines Editorial

Is Your Couple Compatible? by Tamela Hancock Murray at Steve Laube Agency

Stop Reading Your Book Reviews by Sam Hooker at The Creative Penn


  1. Waving to everyone! I think we're all too busy to comment. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Wow!

    I was almost first…on a Weekend!

    I see that Erica is going 'to hold court' in Seekerville on Monday. Wow²! We lost the Grammar Queen and the Drama Queen…what title haveith Erica?

    A hot time like this is ideal for mentally cooling off by writing a "Christmas in Alaska" novella.

    1. Vince, Erica is a comedy queen like Mary. :)

    2. :) Vince, I am more likely the "Rebel Child" that Ruthy has to keep in line... :D

    3. Missy:

      I think you can only have one Queen but how about a Princess!

      The Rebel Princess!

      It seems they have a lot of these in England: from Margaret to Fergie, to, it looks like, Megan. I'm not sure if even Ruth can keep a Princess in line -- but it would be interesting to watch.

  3. Happy weekend, everyone!

    I'm spending this weekend resting up after moving from our former house into a storage unit.

    Wait. No. We didn't move into a storage unit! Only our stuff did! We're safely ensconced in a friend's guest room. :-)

    See you all on Monday!

    1. Jan, we're relieved you aren't in the storage unit! ;)

  4. I hope you're all having a great weekend!

    1. Yes...a great weekend...but where did it go?
      Time seems to be over before it begins. :(


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