Saturday, November 9, 2019

Weekend Edition


If you are not familiar with our giveaway rules, take a minute to read them here. It keeps us all happy! All winners should send their name, address, and phone number to claim prizes.  Note our new email address and please send your emails to

Monday: Our very own Ruthy Logan Herne, Mary Connealy and Margaret Brownley have teamed up to offers us a holiday novella collection - yes, Christmas!! - Christmas At Star Inn. Don't miss out!! The winner of a copy of Christmas at Star Inn is Linda.

Wednesday: Mindy Obenhaus shared some fascinating Facts and Fallacies of Being a Writer.

Friday: Seekers shared their perspectives and experiences from The Art of Writing Conference and The Christy Awards Gala held Wednesday in Nashville! Since we're plumb partied out, giveaways are extended through the weekend and winners will be announced in next week's Weekend Edition!

Monday:  Missy Tippens will be bringing you the post she promised last month about how writers get story ideas. She polled the other Seekers and has info to share!

Wednesday:  We dive right into the "Writing a Christmas Story" fun with our very own Ruth Logan Herne on Wednesday as she talks about story-building, playing nicely with others (Mary Connealy and Margaret Brownley) and how to touch the senses and emotions to bring the true spirit of Christmas to life. And she's got a copy of their new anthology "Christmas at Star Inn" to give away!
Thursday: Jill Kemerer will be joining us with some timely motivational tips for writers. 

Friday: Winnie Griggs

Ruthy, Beth Jamison (editor, graphic designer Jamison Editing), Beth Erin, Annie "Just Commonly" and Melanie Dickerson are meeting up at the "Art of Writing" mini-conference AND The Christy Gala to cheer the finalists on! A wonderful chance for a Seeker mid-country clandestine meeting... which always includes Peanut M&Ms!

10 Steps to Publish Your Reverted Rights Stories by Nancy Cohen. Great step-by-step succinct instructions to unravel the mysteries behind re-publishing your reverted work!

23 Tips for a Zero Waste Home Office by K.M. Weiland at Helping Writers Become Authors

Book Marketing: Engineering Your Book Launch Success With A DIY Strategy by Boni Wagner-Stafford at The Creative Penn

Building Your INDIE Author Brand by Ray Flynt at Fiction University

5 Things I'd Go Back and Tell "Baby Author Me" by Jenny Hansen at Writers In The Storm

I Have Plans To Write That Book by Tamela Hancock Murray at Steve Laube

Questions To Ask A Small Publisher by Rachelle Gardner


  1. Happy Saturday weekend, Seekerville!

    It's a long weekend for those of us in the States with the Veteran's Day holiday on Monday. More time for writing, right?

    We're expecting warm weather today (in the 60's,) but winter is returning tonight with a storm moving in. We don't expect too much snow, though. Only about 3" - just enough to make driving dicey. :-)

    Have a great weekend, everyone! And don't forget to head over to Friday's post if you missed it earlier. Giveaways are extended through the weekend!

    1. JUST 3 inches??!! hahaha People in Georgia would be freaking out. :)

  2. Happy Weekend. Although our schools are not closed on Monday, I am still taking the day off from subbing since I have a bad cold and have lost my voice. I look forward to a long weekend without having to work or talk much. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

    1. I hope you feel better soon, Sandy!

    2. I hope you feel better, Sandy. Please get some good rest and take care of yourself.

  3. Hope you're all having a great weekend! Mine has been good so far. We're enjoying a night at home tonight!

  4. I love a good novel with a lot of twits and turns. When I wrote my first twisty novel, helped to get reviews for my book.

  5. I am new here. How do we find out if we win giveaways? I read that it's in the Weekend Addition. Where is that?

    1. Welcome, Nancy. The Weekend Edition is on Saturdays, which is this post you commented on. If there is a giveaway throughout the week, you just need to comment about it and then you will be entered into the drawing and on Saturday the winners are announced. Hope that helps!


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