Saturday, October 10, 2020

Weekend Edition



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Monday: Mary

Wednesday: Mindy reflected on how 2020 had become a year to RE-focus. The winner of a 2020 Christmas ornament is... Winnie!

Friday: Carrie hosted Pepper Basham who shared a fabulous post on what she learned while writing her first romantic suspense based on a true crime. The winner of a print copy of The Red Ribbon is Amy Anguish!

Monday:  Amy Anguish will be our guest today with her post, When God Says 'No'. And she's offering a giveaway of her new release, Saving Grace.

Wednesday:  Ruthy is our hostess and it's pumpkin season on the farm, so she has no idea what she'll talk about, but she'll be here in some shape or form and no doubt scolding (wait, make that ADVISING!!!!) people to write, write, write.... and possibly she may tell them to quit their bellyaching, too, because that's so unattractive. :) 
Friday: Renee Ryan is our guest.

Debby Giusti's next book,
Amish Christmas Search,
is available NOW!

ON SALE NOW!!!!! Ruthy's entire Wishing Bridge collection, all three books for $4.97 Kindle Editions!  LINK TO WELCOME TO WISHING BRIDGE HERE!

And Ruthy's latest Love Inspired, book three of her Golden Grove series has just hit shelves nationwide!!!!! "Finding Her Christmas Family" ...

"They were the only family she had left....
                     He was the only family they'd ever known."

Beautiful reading!!!! Being sold all over the country right now! Enjoy! 

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A Writer's Fears (A Prayer) by Bob Hostetler at Steve Laube Agency

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  1. Bellyaching?

    Oh, Mylanta!

    Well, then, instead of bringing cake from the Yankee-Belle Café on Wednesday, bring a ton of Tums! Become part of the solution. :)

    P.S. Is Mylanta the answer?

  2. Happy Saturday!

    Prayers for those in the Gulf Coast who were impacted by Delta! God protect you all!


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