Saturday, March 20, 2021

Weekend Edition


If you are not familiar with our giveaway rules, take a minute to read them here. It keeps us all happy! All winners should send their name, address, and phone number to claim prizes.  Please send to If the winner does not contact us within two weeks, another winner may be selected.

Monday: Jan Drexler talked about keeping the promises we make to our readers by following through with our story hooks.

Tuesday: Kimberly Duffy visited us with a blog post celebrating her newest release, A Tapestry of Light, and teaching us some tips for "Writing What you Know." The winner of a copy of A Tapestry of Light is: Vivian Furbay! Congratulations and be sure to contact us at the above address to claim your prize!

Wednesday: Debby Giusti celebrated St. Patrick's Day with her blogpost, "B’Gosh and B’Gora a New Book and a Bit of This and That!" The winner of Debby's latest release, HIDDEN AMISH SECRETS, is Edwina! Congrats, Edwina!!! Contact the blog with your home address via the address above.

Friday: Winnie Griggs shared the method she uses to track her story's timeline of events. Return later today to learn who the winner(s) of a copy of her book The Christmas Journey are. (NOTE: I've been having internet connectivity issues so I'll announce my winners in the next Weekend Edition)

Monday:  Erica Vetsch is talking all about book reviews! What they are, how to write them, how to respond to them, and how they benefit authors and readers alike! 

Wednesday:  Cate Nolan is our hostess. She'll be talking about another favorite craft book, and you'll have another chance to win a copy. Stop by to see what part of craft we're studying this week.
Friday: Pam Hillman plans to return to her DIY Graphics Design series, that is, if life doesn't get in the way. See y'all on Friday!

RUTHY'S WINNERS OF Rebuilding Her Life from Last Week (SIGH.... my bad!) are Angeline and Sandy Smith! Congratulations, ladies!!!! 

This week, Mary Connealy and I (Erica) celebrated our birthdays! Turns out, in addition to being a dear friend, (and one of my longest-known writing friends) Mary is also my birthday twin! I met Mary in a bookstore in downtown Rochester MN many moons ago when she was on her very first book signing tour for her very first book! The picture above is from 2008, when Mary won an ACFW Carol Award, and I won an ACFW Genesis award! Mary has been friend, cheerleader, Seekerville sister, and so much more through the years. Here's to many more 'twinning' birthdays, Mary! You are so loved!

 Her temporary Amish homecoming 
could get her killed. 
Julianne Graber left her Amish life behind after a family tragedy, but now she’s back to sell the family home— and someone’s dead set on getting rid of her. With her neighbor William Lavy by her side, Julianne must uncover dangerous secrets to make sense of the past and present. Can she find justice for her family—and a future with Will—before the killer hits his target?
March 9, 2021
Order HERE!

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Writing App Roundup with Dave Chesson, Kindlepreneur by Thomas Umstattd, Jr at Steve Laube Agency

Writing Last Lines by Aaron Gansky at Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers

Why Successful Novels Need Story Structure by Lewis Jorstad at The Novel Smithy

Tips for Working with a Social Media Assistant by Barbara Linn Probst at Writers In The Storm

How Writers Can Adopt a Successful Mind-set by CS Lakin at Live Write Thrive

3 Things Worth Thinking About BEFORE You Start Your Book by Lucy V Hays at Writers Helping Writers

The Great Ebook Pricing Question by David Gaughran

New Beginnings by Lindi Peterson at Inspy Romance


  1. Mary and Erica, congrats and happy birthdays! Oh my stars, I don't necessarily love my own birthdays but I do love cake and other people's birthdays!

    And Debby Giusti: CONGRATULATIONS! That's such cool news!!!!!!!!! WHOOT!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Mary and Erica!!! Great photo! I hope we can all gather again in the not-too-distant future.

    Thanks, Ruthy, for the congrats! I was thrilled that HIDDEN AMISH SECRETS made the Publishers Weekly list. Also thrilled that ALL SIX of the LIS releases for March were on the list. God bless our wonderful readers who buy our books!!!

  3. I'm excited that I won Ruthy's book. I look forward to reading it. Happy Birthday to Mary and Erica. Congratulations, Debby! Very exciting. Happy First Day of Spring to all.

    1. Thanks, Sandy! You know I treasure your friendship and support! :)

  4. Happy Spring, everyone!

    And Happy Birthday, Erica and Mary!

    Congratulations to Debby, too! All 6 of the March LIS books hit the PW bestseller list? That's fabulous!

  5. Happy Birthday, Erica you sweet thing. Yes, we're birthday twins for today but she was born a long long time after me. Erica-the-youngster!!!! Love you, kid!


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