Saturday, April 10, 2021

Weekend Edition


If you are not familiar with our giveaway rules, take a minute to read them here. It keeps us all happy! All winners should send their name, address, and phone number to claim prizes.  Please send to If the winner does not contact us within two weeks, another winner may be selected.

Monday: The winner of an audio copy Mary Connealy's March release Braced for Love is Glynis.

Tuesday: Chris Fabry uses a junkyard for inspiration. Can you imagine?

Wednesday: Mindy Obenhaus shared some insight on creating engaging openings. Winners of her Love Inspired Western Collection anthology are...Lucy Reynolds and Sarah Taylor!

Friday: Carrie talked about how to survive moving with books, and the winner of a book from her stash is Rachael K!

Monday: Erika Kelly will be our guest today, sharing one thing that works for her, so let's make her feel welcome!

Wednesday: Ruth Logan Herne is rolling into town with her full-on detective gear intact as she talks about something that probably means very little unless you're willing to work hard every day.... but she'll be giving away two copies of "PATTERNS OF DECEPTION" her newest Savannah Secrets mystery for Guideposts because Ruthy loves, loves, loves writing cozy mysteries!

Friday: Renee Ryan is back in Seekerville - and we're excited to have her!! She'll be sharing some of the fun inspiration behind her upcoming release The Sheriff's Promise and giving away a copy to one lucky visitor.

Cover Reveal!
Coming August 2021!

Book three is the Bliss, Texas series, A Future to Fight For

All their dreams will come true…if they can work together.

Widow Paisley Wainwright’s so close to taking her Texas event-planning business to the next level by turning Renwick Castle into a wedding venue. Only one thing stands in the way: her longtime rival, Crockett Devereaux, who wants the castle to become a museum. When the building’s owners insist they collaborate to implement both plans, can Paisley and Crockett put their differences aside…and fight for their dreams together?


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  1. Wishing everyone a delightful weekend!

    Lots of exciting blogposts next week! Can't wait!

  2. Special Request

    I would say that in the last 10 to 15 romances that I have read the hero/heroine drove an SUV. That's it. That's all that was said unless it was a beat up old car that was going to need repairs for which the hero would help acquire.

    The type of car a person drives can say a lot about that person and do it all in one sentence. Is the SUV new, shiny, expensive, old but in good repair, with all-wheel drive? Does the SUV sport a flamboyant color or have an especially rugged off-road capacity? Could it be just a cowboy SUV that's all hat and no cattle?

    Is there really a more efficient way to show a great deal about the hero/heroine in such a natural and non-intrusive way?

    Give it a try!

    1. Vince, I hear you! From now on I will never let my hero drive an SUV. :)

  3. .
    Well, in your case, that would be a Stallion Utility Vanner. Ideal for pulling a heavy wagon -- if you don't have oxen. :)


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