Saturday, July 31, 2021

Weekend Edition


If you are not familiar with our giveaway rules, take a minute to read them here. It keeps us all happy! All winners should send their name, address, and phone number to claim prizes.  Please send to If the winner does not contact us within two weeks, another winner may be selected.

Monday: Erica Vetsch brought us a post on how pre-orders help authors out!

Wednesday: Cate Nolan brought us Part 1 of her discussion on Stephen King's classic On Writing.

Friday: We have multiple winners today! For an audio copy of Braced for Love,  Pat W, Vince, and Angeline. For an audio copy of A Man with a Past, I'm giving the same people a copy of that one and adding in Glynis and Anonymous. Thanks so much for stopping in at Seekerville.

Monday:  Mary

Wednesday:  Mindy will be talking about her new release, A Future to Fight For.

Thursday: Guest Carla Laureano shares about finding the binding element of your story.
Friday: Surprise!

Available Now!

All their dreams will come true…if they can work together.

Widow Paisley Wainwright’s so close to taking her Texas event-planning business to the next level by turning Renwick Castle into a wedding venue. Only one thing stands in the way: her longtime rival, Crockett Devereaux, who wants the castle to become a museum. When the building’s owners insist they collaborate to implement both plans, can Paisley and Crockett put their differences aside…and fight for their dreams together?

Read the first chapter here!

Get your copy here!

Why Writing is Like Pie by Tiffany Yates Martin at Writer UnBoxed

3 Steps to Make Time to Write by Kris Maze at Writers In The Storm

The Danger of Info Dumps by Janice Hardy at Fiction University

Ideas for Getting More BookBub Followers by Diana Urban at BookBub Blog

How to Write a Powerful Foil Scene by Lewis Jorstad at The Novel Smithy

Find Your Writing Process by Esther Wildman at NaNoWriMo Blog

Writing Ritual and Routine by Sue Coletta at Kill Zone Blog

Dipping The Quill Deeper "Be A Fish" by Eva Marie Everson at The Write Conversation

The Sword in the Stone: Knights of the Writing Table by Peter Leavell at Learn How To Write A Novel

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