Monday, August 8, 2022

Hidden Treasures

 Do you ever find hidden treasures? I love it when that happens. 

The other day, my dad and I were sifting through some of the treasures my Momma left behind. We uncovered old family photos we didn't know she had, Bible verses on post-it notes, and then I uncovered the award-winning first stories by Jaime Jo Wright. 😂😂

Apparently, back when I was six, I decided it was time to start developing my writing skills. I'm sure this will be something worth publishing. I'll be submitting it to my editor later this week. 

Okay, fine. Not really. But I did find it curious that Mom saved these. What makes a mother save things that seem insignificant? There was no way possible, when I was in 1st grade, that Mom knew I'd grow up to not only want to write stories, try to write stories, but actually publish stories. Still, something about these two pieces of paper must have tickled her funny bone or touched her heart in a way that made her tuck them away.

Years later--forty, to be exact--these stories were rediscovered after she moved to Heaven. What it tells me, is not really that I'd grow up to be an author who won an award that sits on a shelf now. What it tells me is that my being an author meant nothing to my mom. What meant something, was me. My attempts at poor writing. My mind and my heart. She cherished me. Treasured me. Enough to spirit away these small remnants as something precious.

It's a gift she left behind just for me. When I frame them--and I will--it's not because I want to read my 6 year old attempts at story. It is because it's a treasure of love, a testament to her mother's heart, and a true message of a mother who is a cheerleader. Even now. Cheering me on with the rest of the great cloud of witnesses.

What treasures have you found after a loved one has moved on?

My Momma 💓💓💓


Jaime Jo Wright
 is the author of nine novels, including Christy Award winner The House on Foster Hill and Christy Award Finalist Echoes Among the Stones
She's also the Publishers Weekly and ECPA bestselling author of two novellas.

Jaime lives in Wisconsin with her cat named Foo, beta fish named Calico Jack, and her other three felines: Jupiter, Maddie, & Moses. 
She's been married over 20 years to her husband, Cap'n Hook who pirated away with her heart and has held it hostage with some ferocity. Homeschooling keeps her pretending to be smart, and her fierce daughter CoCo is a whiz in the kitchen, while her son, fondly called Peter Pan, is pretty much an all around mama's boy (she'll keep it that way as long as she can). 

Along with her writing, Jaime also manages MadLit Mentoring & Assist which offers mentorships workshops and quarterly group mentoring to aspiring and established authors, as well provides assistant services to established authors who don't share Jaime's love of all things social media and marketing. You can find out more about Jaime at or 


  1. Aww, what treasures! Like getting a sweet hug from your mama. And yeah, submit those stories! They're riveting! :)

    1. Right? I'm thinking at least a 2-story contract for these ;)

  2. Wonderful treasures! It makes me think about the things I have saved over the years, squirreled away in often-moved boxes.
    And I agree with Erica - a wonderful hug from your dear mama. :-)

    1. Sounds like you might have some writing treasures we need to see too ;) Hint hint. And hugs are the best from my momma!

    2. Jan I am such a THROWER. I have probably disgarded all my children's treasures. Oops.

  3. What treasures you found! I found a pair of baby shoes after my mom passed away. I know they were mine because I was the only girl.

  4. This is just beautiful. And you so TRUE. My mom treasured her children, not what they became or what they earned, though she was deeply proud of that, too. But my mom had a gift for seeing the inside of someone before she saw the outside. That's a treasure she left behind.

  5. It will be two years next week since my mom moved to heaven. We still find books that she loved, drawings my sister and I made and recipes she used. Each one is exactly what you caked it--a hug from mom. Love this!

  6. Good morning, Jaime, what a sweet story and I'm glad you shared it with us! I'm doing what your Mom did, storing away the grandkids' treasures they wrote/drew for me. I've told them when I die to look in all the furniture with drawers for there they will find those things. And they are treasures! Treasures of the heart.


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