Saturday, September 17, 2022

Weekend Edition


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Monday: Jaime Wright chatted about those seasons of life when an extra measure of grace is needed during the overwhelmed moments. 

Tuesday: Dana Lynn spoke about listening to the Will of God when chasing dreams. Kaybee and Lisa Jordan both won a copy of one of her True Large Print editions. 

Wednesday: Ruth Logan Herne was our hostess

Thursday: Fresh off of the American Christian Fiction Writers conference in St. Louis, Mindy Obenhaus shared some tips for post-conference evaluation.

Monday: Jan Drexler, realizing that not all of us are as energetic as Ruthy or as analytical at Pam, will be sharing her experience as a hybrid author. Is it as doable as those two Seekers make it look? And there will be a giveaway!

Tuesday: Pepper Basham will discuss learning how to manage expectations after getting your first book published. - The Juggle is Real! 

Wednesday: Debby Giusti will discuss how writers can find peace on this International Day of Peace. Be sure to stop by and see what Debby is giving away!

Thursday: Pam Hillman is our hostess today. Join us to see what all is in store.  



By Debby Giusti

An assassin’s loose in Amish country…

and she’s not the only target.

When a radio broadcast describes taxi driver Lily Hudson’s passenger as an armed criminal, she becomes his immediate target. Narrowly escaping, Lily accepts Matthias Overholt’s offer to hide at his Amish family farm for Christmas—until evidence reveals the gunman’s plan is tied to Lily’s past. Now to prevent an assassination, Lily and Matthias must unravel a years-old conspiracy…and evade a sniper who has them in his sights.

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A 2-in1 featuring
By Debby Giusti
By Diane Burke

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Welcome to Hope Crossing, a brand-new series from award-winning author Mindy Obenhaus.

She came home to make things right Will she be given a second chance?

Gloriana Prescott has returned to her Texas hometown to make amends—even if the townsfolk she left behind aren’t ready to forgive. But when her mother’s ranch manager, Justin Broussard, is tasked with saving the struggling rodeo so his teen daughter can compete, Gloriana sees a chance to prove she’s really changed. But can she prove to Justin, and the town, that she’s trustworthy? 

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Available on September 28th!

The new art gallery in town is causing quite a stir, and Emma is in the middle of it!

The Sweetbrier Inn is filled with guests, and the town is teeming with tourists who have come to celebrate Paragon Days, the official kickoff to the summer tourist season. But even before the festivities begin, amateur sleuth Emma Blackwood stumbles upon a dead body. With no visible signs of violence, Deputy Cal determines the death is from natural causes, but Emma isn’t so sure. Why would a seemingly healthy woman drop dead? And what does the picture she was holding have to do with it? If Emma doesn’t solve this puzzle soon, a killer may get away with committing the perfect crime.

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  1. I loved seeing the photos from ACFW! Thanks for sharing your conference with us, ladies! Happy Weekend to all!


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