Saturday, December 3, 2022

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Monday: Erica Vetsch brought us a recipe and movie recommendation to open our Advent Season

Tuesday: Pam Hillman offered a funny Thanksgiving story and shared a very yummy recipe!

Wednesday: Ruthy and Mindy talked about the Season of Waiting. The winners of a copy of the 2-in- 1, Her Holiday Lawman are... Kathy Bailey and Angeline!

Thursday: Audra Harders dipped her finger into the Yuletide baking game.

Monday: Mary Connealy is our hostess

Wednesday: Mindy Obenhaus will be sharing some of her favorite things about the season of Advent.

Thursday: Carrie Schmidt is our hostess  

Debby Giusti will be at 
Book Love The Book Shop
in Senoia, GA
Sat, Dec 10, 11-1 PM
If you're in the area, stop by to get your autographed copy of
Proceeds benefit Tunnels to Towers Foundation
Supporting the families of American Heroes--Fallen First Responders and Wounded Veterans.


By Debby Giusti

An assassin’s loose in Amish country…

and she’s not the only target.

When a radio broadcast describes taxi driver Lily Hudson’s passenger as an armed criminal, she becomes his immediate target. Narrowly escaping, Lily accepts Matthias Overholt’s offer to hide at his Amish family farm for Christmas—until evidence reveals the gunman’s plan is tied to Lily’s past. Now to prevent an assassination, Lily and Matthias must unravel a years-old conspiracy…and evade a sniper who has them in his sights.

 Order HERE! 

Debby Giusti was on Tracy Fredrychowski's Podcast

BUGGY TALK, Episode #65.

Click the link below  to listen to the interview!

Winnie Griggs is rereleasing The Holiday Courtship with a spiffy new cover and a new title - His Christmas Matchmaker.

A guilty secret… Vowing to put her past behind her, schoolteacher Janell Whitman has resigned herself to spinsterhood and she's erected walls to guard her heart from all but her pupils.

A solitary heart… Hank Chandler is quite comfortable with his uncomplicated bachelor life. But when he suddenly finds himself the guardian of his orphaned niece and nephew he knows all that that will have to change. Not only do the children need a mother’s love, but he’s not fit to be a single parent. So he’ll need to marry quickly, whether he wants to or not.

 A Christmas bargain… Seeing their need, Janell impulsively reaches out to help the hurting Chandler family. But when Hank proposes a businesslike marriage she draws the line at becoming his wife. She softens her refusal, however, with a counteroffer – she’ll take care of the children after school and help him find an appropriate wife in time for Christmas. After all, how hard can it be? 

But as the holiday grows closer, it seems increasingly difficult to find a suitable candidate––not to mention even harder to deny their growing feelings for each other. It might take a miracle for these two hearts to become one, but Christmas is the season of miracles––and love.

Order HERE

 (NOTE: This book was previously published under the title The Holiday Courtship)

Now Available...

Book two in award-winning author Mindy Obenhaus's Hope Crossing series.

Can a property dispute… Turn into a holiday blessing?

When single mom Annalise Grant inherits a fledgling Christmas tree farm in Texas, she vows to do whatever it takes to make it a success. But when neighbor Hawkins Prescott claims some of her trees are on his property, the only option is a partnership. As Christmas draws closer, Annalise and Hawkins find themselves growing closer as well. Could a family by Christmas become part of the deal?


Available at local retailers or order your copy today!

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