Saturday, January 28, 2023

Weekend Edition


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Monday: Erica Vetsch brought you, Ready, Set, RETREAT! all about her most recent writing retreat.

Tuesday: Guest DeAnna Dodson brought us some tips on creating a continuity series.

Wednesday: Cate Nolan recommends Writing with Joy!

Thursday: Pam Hillman shares her adventure in self-publishing Children's picture books

Monday:  Ruthy (Ruth Logan Herne) buzzes into Seekerville with a fun writing exercise for all of the authors out there for Blue Moon Monday.......  Ruthy wants you to add a paragraph.... Either in a serious mode, funny mode, poignant, romantic.... whatever you think might work. Go for it!

Ninety degrees and humidity at total saturation levels.
The combination didn't just annoy Jayce Montgomery.
It infuriated her.
Not because it turned her nearly black hair into a bush resembling a squirrel's nest, or the fact that science hadn't invented a women's deodorant that actually worked under these conditions.
Jayce could deal with that.
It was the oppressiveness of the combo.
Jayce hated oppression.
Like 'in-your-face' hated it. Nothing mild or tempered in her reaction.
A therapist might have a lot to say about that.
Forget them.
Forget anything that took a deep-dive into hidden meanings behind everything, she decided as she approached the Jackson house. 
She didn't feel for her gun.
That would be amateur hour. It was where she put it, where she always put it, ready to be withdrawn.
She might not need it.
But if she did, she was ready.
Jayce Montgomery was always one-hundred percent ready.
Ready right up until the Jackson house exploded, a fireball rising up as it blossomed out.
Suddenly her hair wasn't humid.
It was singed.
And singed might be even worse than humid.

Wednesday: Mindy Obenhaus will be here to share what's on her hear.

Thursday: Audra Harders is working on a new series of an old book inspiration.  

Ruthy's newest "Wishing Bridge" novel is nearing the 100 review mark with a 5-Star rating... and she is thrilled to see readers' reactions to this beautiful, poignant novel of second chances and new beginnings... Second chances don't always come easy, but when God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window. 

Great story. Unforgettable characters. Forgiveness. Loss. Innumerable blessings. God's timing.... 

All this and more in this newest story "Reclaiming Hope in Wishing Bridge". Available in e-book or paperback at

Well worth the read! And a shout out to Susan Snodgrass for this lovely graphic! 

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