Saturday, January 21, 2023

Weekend Edition


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Monday: Jan Drexler offer advice on how to Write in Baby Bits

Tuesday: Pepper Basham talked about A World Within A Book and the winner for a copy of The Cairo Curse is Gena Bessire

Wednesday: Debby Giusti celebrated National Thesaurus Day with an informative blogpost about Peter Mark Roget, the physician and inventor who wrote the first thesaurus published in 1852.

Thursday: Winnie Griggs shared some wise words on how to Make a Fresh Start. Winners of a copy of her book A Tailor-Made Husband are Terry Lynn Schump, Sally Shupe and Connie Porter Saunders

Monday: Erica Vetsch will give you the lowdown on the uber fast writing retreat she just attended.

Tuesday: Guest DeAnna Julie Dodson will join us and share!

Wednesday: Cate Nolan is sharing some reflections on being part of the writing community.

Thursday: Pam Hillman will be talking about her first foray into publishing children's picture books.

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Free Sweet and Clean Romance Giveaway thru January 31 by at BookFunnel

The Writing Escape by Mary Gillgannon at RMFW blog

6 Joys of Starting a New Writing Project by Bob Hostetler at Steve Laube agency

Does FOMO Rule Your Writing Life? by LA Sartor at An Indie Adventure

Marketing for Introverts by Hannah Currie at Learn How To Write A Novel

How to Write a Book from Start to Finish in 13 Steps by Angela Ackerman at Writers In The Storm

Call to Action: The Mega Power of Tiny Copy by Dean Mackenzie at Write To Done

Have You Created a Character or a Caricature? by Kristen Kieffer at Well-Storied

Writing Insecure Characters by Becca Puglisi at Writers Helping Writers

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