Saturday, April 14, 2018

Weekend Edition

If you are not familiar with our giveaway rules, take a minute to read them here. It keeps us all happy! All winners should send their name, address, and phone number to claim prizes.  Note our new email address and please send your emails to
Monday: Missy Tippens bravely shared her GMC chart as well as some of her brainstorming notes from her novella included in the collection Back to You. She offered to look at the GMC chart (or 2 pages of brainstorming notes) of a lucky winner but decided she couldn't pick just one! The winners are LeAnne Bristow, Natalie Monk and Liz Penny.

Wednesday: Our very own Ruthy (Ruth Logan Herne) was here on Wednesday, chatting about editorial advice... when to heed it, when to stand firm.... winner of a first chapter critique by the Ruthinator (and she DID NOT acquire that name by accident!) is Nicki Chapelway and the winner of a copy of "Swept Away", Ruthy's latest Guideposts mystery is Merry Lu!  

Friday: Carrie Schmidt talked about the common characteristics of her fave swoonilicious book boyfriends, and she gave away a book of winner's choice from one of her copious book boyfriend lists (she seriously can't stop talking about them). The winner of Carrie's giveaway is Jessica Baker!

Monday: Jan Drexler will be talking about some of the important writerly "rules" you might have heard. Do we follow the rules, or not? Stop by to see how much of a rebel Jan really is! And you'll have a chance to share some of the best writerly advice you've gotten to be entered in a drawing for "The Amish Nanny's Sweetheart," the second book in the Amish Country Brides series from Love Inspired Historical.

Wednesday:  Publishers Weekly Bestselling Author Debby Giusti will share photos and info about her favorite writer vaca location and talk about those little getaways that provide research as well as a bit of R&R in a blog titled "Getaways that Prime the Writer's Well!" Think about your own favorite spots to unwind and be ready to share highlights and information to be entered in a drawing for AMISH RESCUE, the third book in Debby's Amish Protectors series.

Friday: Winnie Griggs is our hostess today

In the still cold and windy meadows of Western New York, Ruthy can be seen hanging a porch swing in spite of Mother Nature's reluctance to command winter's release of the area. Ruthy is determined, one way or another, to be ready when the sun... and consequential warmth... begin to shine!  And since she is catching up on mailings this next week, she'd like to offer another copy of "Swept Away", her latest Guidepost mystery to one fortunate commenter! Let us know if you'd like it and we'll toss your name in!

Jan has been busy this week with a JustRead blog blitz celebrating her Journey to Pleasant Prairie series with excerpts and a giveaway (ends soon!). She also revealed the cover of her upcoming September release, The Sound of Distant Thunder, book 1 of The Amish of Weaver's Creek series set during the Civil War!

Here's a little sneak peek at what Mary is cooking up with Beth next week on Faithfully Bookish... plus, take a peek at the first line of The Accidental Guardian featured now!

Today's the last day to enter the First Love Forever Romance Collection Bookstagram Tour hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours. A wonderful prize pack for the winner! 

In celebration of our very own Ruthy, Ruth Logan Herne's re-release of Refuge of the Heart, join us for a Takeover Tour where we share throughout social media and a Bookstagram Tour! Beginning April 16th, with some fun and a nice giveaway! Stay tune on JustRead Publicity Tour's Facebook Page for more info!


will sign her new Love Inspired Suspense

The Avenues, Peachtree City, GA
Thursday, April 19, 3:30 PM – 6:30 PM

~Proceeds benefit Pregnancy Aid Clinic~
PAC provides life-changing and life-saving services 
free of charge to women in the Atlanta area.

Free drawing for author Gift Basket.
Long distance phone orders taken.
Books will be signed and mailed.

Indie Authors: How to Price Your Book for Optimal Success! from Author Marketing Experts

How Facebook Saved My Work In Progress by Orly Konig from Writers In The Storm

Mining Our Characters' Wounds by Robin LaFever from Writer Unboxed

What Do You Mean I Need More Description? by Tari Faris from Learn How To Write A Novel

When You're Not Okay: A Mental Health Check Up For Writers by Kim Bullock from Writer Unboxed


  1. Where is everyone this morning?

    Congrats to the winners! Love all the new reads!

    Have a nice weekend! The coffee's hot. I'm pouring another cup and reaching for a cranberry-orange scone. So yummy!

    Those who are in the path of the new spring storm, stay safe! I'm praying for all of you!

    1. Cranberry-orange is one of the best flavors! I think I'll take one too.

    2. Debby, enjoy your booksigning! What a beautiful cover...the book will sell itself :)

  2. Debby, guess it's just us GA gals up???!!! lol
    I STILL want to be in for Ruthy's book! Thanks.
    Happy Weekend to all!

  3. Congratulations to the winners and thanks for a great WE. I'm looking forward to next week and yes, I would love a chance to be "taken away" by Ruthy's "Swept Away"!

    1. Blessings back to you, Connie!

    2. Thank you, Connie. Don't you just love all the events and opportunities in the Sightings?? I want to go to all the booksignings whenever their posted!!

  4. Good morning, Seekerville!

    Stay safe, everyone in the path of today's storm! The same system dumped 10" of snow on us yesterday.

    And congrats to the winners!

    Have a great weekend, everyone. :-)

    1. Jan, I won’t tell you how hot it’s going to be in GA today!

    2. That's all right, Debby. We have sunshine today, and that always feels good, no matter the temperature!

    3. Stay safe, everyone in the storm's path! My part of Colorado is not anticipating any snow...only WIND! I'm up in Estes Park (my favorite place for writing getaways!!) and it's a good thing I'm holed up in the room writing all weekend because the wind is howling!!

  5. Looking forward to next week in Seekerville, will check in when I can even if it's after hours. Or maybe I'll get up super-early before temp job. Yeah, not going to happen.
    Working on my first SECOND novel, which is a good feeling after getting a contract for my last FIRST novel. No going back, although I am well aware of the vagaries of the current publishing world.
    Received Glynna's book in the mail and will start it this weekend, especially if we're snowed in.
    We are in the path of the storm, but then we usually are. Won't mind as long as we don't lose the power.

    1. Way to go, Kathy! Moving ahead with the next book is so important! I hope you don't lose power, especially with a new book to read. :)

    2. Kathy, that's the spirit! One book down and many, many more to come! You go, girlfriend!!

  6. It is snow storming like crazy here in Michigan! I'm just hoping it will be clear enough to get my son to work. Looking forward to reading next week's posts. I have been crazy busy at the radio station recently (we are closing in on Spring gift drive), but I am stopping to read even when I can't comment. Thanks for all you do!
    Congratulations to all the winners!
    Oh and please please add me into the drawing for Swept Away. That would be SWEET! :)
    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

    1. Kelly, I'm sorry for the bad weather! Ruthy's daughter was supposed to travel to MI for a wedding but wasn't able to go due to the storm. Stay warm and safe!!

    2. Kelly, sorry to hear about the weather! I can only imagine what a MI snowstorm is like. Pop some popcorn, snuggle in and watch Hallmark movies :)

  7. I hope you're all having a great weekend! Hope you're not spending it doing your taxes!

    1. Taxes? Oy, we sent the check already. I really hate prolonging the inevitable. Since the kids no longer qualify as deductions, our bill is pretty steep at the end of the year. My husband's solution?? Work less. LOL, yeah, right :)

      Have a great weekend, everyone!!

  8. I'm staying warm in the house watching the blizzard outside. We didn't get that much snow, but it is blowing hard. I was supposed to have a busy Saturday, but now some things had to be postponed. Tomorrow has gotten busier, though. I am also going to be baking cookies as I have to take some for an event at church tomorrow. Good day for baking.

    I have read Ruthy's book as well as the others in that series. It is very good.

  9. I've carved out a few days to spend on nothing but writing up here in beautiful Estes Park, CO. It's about 45 minutes from home and by far my favorite place to write. My room overlooks the lawn where I see elk daily and the sound of the river just beyond the yard is blissful. My tiny slice of heaven.

    It's frustrating to know you have 3 days to create words, and had to spend one of those days backing up and getting to know your story again. But, that's behind me now. I'm targeting 15K before I leave tomorrow afternoon. Good thing I stocked up on food because the wind is cold and nasty outside :)

    Stay safe everyone. Will the winter snows ever end this year?

    1. Audra, that's wonderful!! I hope you got all those words done today!!

  10. Seriously Spring needs to get a backbone. She's letting Old Man Winter walk all over her. Humph. At least I have a healthy TBR pile -- which includes Amish Refuge. :-)

    1. Kav, I keep hoping you'll get a hint of spring soon!

  11. Congratulations to this week's winners!

    Happy Weekend!

  12. Cranberry-orange scones are the absolute BEST! We all slept in at my place as we've had a stomach flu bug go through the family this week, so I've been AWOL. Have a great book-signing Debby, and please put me in the book draw. I hope you all survive that winter storm that's pulling up northwards and hitting the southwestern part on Ontario. My hubby's there on a training course and they're getting hit with it as well as freezing rain. Not fun! Have a great weekend otherwise everyone!

  13. Hi Debby:

    Love the cover of "Amish Rescue". I think from a marketing POV it is perfect! The worried look and storm clouds scream 'suspense'. The 'ground-to-sky' woman says: "Amish Romance." If this book were on a large display of books at a book store, it would be instantly recognized for the type of book it is. This makes it easy for the fans who are most likely to buy this book to see it!

    So sad it is when someone who would so love a book passes that book by not knowing what joy reading it could be! To all the Indy people: please make covers that will absolutely attract the best prospects for that book!

    I think LI does their best work on their Suspense line. Totally professional marketing! Learn from them and don't only look to the beauty of a particular cover.

    I noticed that the cover has a 'True Large Print' label on the bottom left corner. I've read these books and they really are large print like in library books for sight impaired patrons. I hope those who need this large type will notice this is a book for them. Not many books come out in 'True Large Print'.

    I see that you are doing your charity book signing this year at "Books-a-Million". The perfect charity for Christian fiction: Pregnancy Aid Clinic. Did you select this charity because your book title is about a "Rescue"?

    People should know that they can order this book by phone and have it autographed. These books make wonderful birthday and Christmas presents. People don't get these as gifts very often. And it's such a good cause.

    Please be sure to let us know how the event is going real time.


    1. Thanks, Vince! I like the cover, too, and am so grateful to the Art Department. They always listen to what the author says...or writes in the Art Fact Sheet.

      Thanks for your mention of the Large Print books published by LI. That photo was the one I saved. Not sure what happened to the regular print cover. Maybe cyber space ate it! :)

      The Pregnancy Aid Clinic is a favorite charity that does so much good in the ATL area! The money goes to moms in need with little used for office expenses. The folks who run the organization are top notch so it frequently gets my support. And, yes, as you mentioned, BAM will mail the signed books to folks across the country.

      Thanks for your support, Vince! Hugs!

  14. Happy Weekend, Seekerville friends!
    CONGRATS to the winners!
    I'm planning to attend Debby's booksigning on Thursday and cannot wait! :)
    Prayers for all who are experiencing spring storms---stay safe!
    Hugs, Patti Jo

    1. Patti Jo, thank you, dear friend! I'll look forward to seeing you! Hugs!

  15. Hi Ruth
    Would love to be in the draw for Swept Away.
    Audra, My hubby and I love Estes! Even happier now that I'm back in Colorado (Strasburg) so we can visit when we get the yen.
    Enjoying the WE...

  16. Spring is very undecided here in northern Utah, too. 70 degrees one day and snow the next. I'll be glad for warmer weather so I can start complaining about the heat! :-D Put me in the draw for Ruthy's book, Swept Away.

    Winnie Thomas

    1. Winnie, I'm definitely one who would rather be complaining about hot than cold. :)

  17. Checking in to say Congrats to the winners and a big Thank You to Missy for the GMC chart critique! I'm excited to put that together and send to you!


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