Saturday, May 25, 2019

Weekend Edition


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Monday: Guest blogger, Suzanne Woods Fisher shared Six Things I Learned from an Island in Maine. The winner of a paperback or ebook of On A Summer Tide is Amy Anguish!

Wednesday: Jan Drexler brought us a blast from the past as she revisited Having Fun with Revisions!

Friday: Pam Hillman was our host yesterday encouraging us to weave a bit of fact with our fiction, or fiction with our facts. Hey, either works!

Monday:  Seekerville is closed for the Memorial Day holiday. Enjoy!

Wednesday:  Carrie will share Interview Do's and Don'ts
Friday: Come join our guest bloggers Louise Gouge and Laurie Kingery as they share A New Twist on an Old Setting. 

All three ebooks in Pam Hillman's
Natchez Trace Novel series are on sale during May!
Links to each where you can select your favorite retailer:
The Promise of Breeze Hill - $1.99
The Road to Magnolia Glen - $5.99 
The Crossing at Cypress Creek $4.99

The fourth installment of Mindy Obenhaus's Rocky Mountain Heroes series, Reunited in the Rockies, is now available for preorder.

A fresh start…and an old love reignited?
A Rocky Mountain Heroes romance

For widow Kayla Bradshaw, restoring a historic Colorado hotel means a better life for her and her soon-to-arrive baby. But she needs construction help from Jude Stephens, the love she lost through a misunderstanding. Working with Kayla, the police officer finds himself forgiving her—and longing to rebuild her shattered confidence. But can they trust each other enough to forge a future together?

Branding 101: Defining Our Brand by Jamie Gold

Writers Beware of the Legal Pitfalls - Copyright Basics Pt. 3 by Karen Van Den Heuvel at Thyme For Writers

20 of the Most Instructive Quotes Abo Writing by K.M. Weiland at Helping Writers Become Authors

Showing Your Scenes Through Your Characters' Senses by C.S. Lakin at Live Write Thrive

Real vs. Fictitious Settings by Mindy Obenhaus

5 Ways to Hook Your Readers by Janice Hardy at Fiction University

Fiction Writing Contests Worth Your Time in Summer 2019 by Arthur Klepchukov at Writer Unboxed

Recent Changes and Updates in Writing Style Guides by Lori Hatcher at The Write Conversation with Edie Melson


  1. Hi Mindy:

    Let me be the first to comment on your new release cover art! No people. I think that is very rare and would love to know how it works. The last time I saw a LI with a no people cover was Ruth's "Mended Hearts" way back in 2011.

    Yours is a beautiful cover that really sells the setting. I wonder what everyone else will think about it. Maybe Ruth can tell us what the reaction to "Mended Hearts" was back then.


  2. Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone!

    Vince, that's an interesting observation about Mindy's new book. I think a few of hers have had scenery covers rather than people, but it's rare.

    Hubby is working today, so it's a writing day for me. We did our Saturday things yesterday. :-) See you all next week!

  3. Happy Memorial weekend to all. Hope it is enjoyable and relaxing.

  4. I am waving hello to all o' youse from North Carolina... and heading back to the farm today after enjoying a weekend of dancing and tennis... Doesn't that sound SUBLIME???

    I wasn't dancing.

    Perish the thought.

    My granddaughters were dancing and they're lovely!

    Nor was I playing tennis although I love the sport.

    I was watching my grandson in a tennis tournament.

    But still sublime!

    Now back to writing work and farm work and pestering people in WNY because that's what I do.

    I pester.

    Wishing you all a blessed and thought-filled Memorial Day weekend. We begin tomorrow by meeting for our small town's Memorial Day parade so we don't forget the reason for the day off... and then the ceremony at the town gazebo.

    We want those kids to understand that this isn't just any ordinary day to run around in a sprinkler and eat Popsicles...

    It's a sacred day of remembrance.

    I'll take any excuse to pray for our beloved country that I can get!

    Sent with love...



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