Saturday, June 15, 2019

Weekend Edition


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Monday: We welcomed Cate Nolan as a new regular blogger! We look forward to having her post later this month!

Tuesday: Amanda Barratt dropped by and encouraged us with some great ways to reduce the stress in our lives. She generously offered a copy of her exciting new release: My Dearest Dietrich. The winner is Dalyn! 

Wednesday:  Ruthy was here on Wednesday and Thursday and she had so much fun talking with folks about getting off their duffs and moving forward... in her usual and quite expected warm and loving manner. (eye-roll) But she had a great book drawing and the winners of her newest Martha's Vineyard mystery "Just Over the Horizon" are OLIVIA and Annie Rightler! 

Friday: Susie Finkbeiner offered hope to all those Thriving In The of Discouragement. Laurie Wood will be receiving a copy of All Manner of Things. 

Monday:  Have you ever considered writing Amish Fiction? What are the challenges authors face with this sub-genre? Jan Drexler will be here with tips and advice! 

Wednesday:  Publishers Weekly Bestselling author Debby Giusti offers sound advice for the writing journey. Be sure to stop by and leave a comment to be entered into a drawing for one of Debby's latest releases. 
Friday: Winnie Griggs will share keen insights into her world.

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Hero Tom MacKinnon rides up driving a wagon with a second wagon trailing him. He and his sister want to be hired to build windmills. They’ll ask for very little money and, in exchange heroine, Lauren Drummond, newly widowed mother of four nearly grown sons, will help them learn to survive in the Sandhills of Nebraska. What to grow, what to hunt, how to build a sod house.
Tom’s windmills will save her ranch. Lauren needs three windmills on this drought year or her growing herd of cattle is going to die of thirst. She agrees to teach him the ways of the Sandhills, and to give him fifteen head of cattle.
She’s not ready to think of another man. But Tom changes her mind. His little sister and one of her sons find love together before Tom and Lauren do.


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reissued in a two-in-one with
by Carrie Lighte!

Love The Scene You're With by Marie Wells Coutu at Seriously Write

It's Never Too Late to Start a Brilliant Career from the Wall Street Journal

How To Survive a Conference Even If You're An Introvert by Cat Rose at The Creative Penn

The Challenge of Book Cover Design by Jane Friedman at Jane Friedman

6 Requirements of Writing Better Character Goals by K.M.Weiland at Helping Writers Become Authors

Book Proposal Basics: Synopsis, Series, Sample by Tamela Hancock Murray at Steve Laube Agency

Writing A Novel? Here Are 7 Friends You Need by Karen Dukess at Writer's Digest

Take Two: Creating Multi-Layered Villians You Love To Hate by Jeanne Veillette Bowerman at Writer's Digest


  1. Good morning, Seekerville! And happy Father's Day weekend!

    Today is a bright, beautiful, sunny morning in the Black Hills, but no playing outside for me today. I'll be at my computer wracking up the word count. (Probably the 2nd best way to spend a day like today!)

    Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

  2. Happy Father's Day to all the dads!

    Where is everyone today? Maybe getting ready for Father's Day celebrations. I shopped 'til I dropped today. :)

    1. I came to check in and thought the same thing, Debby! Have a great weekend, everyone!

    2. .
      If you can shop
      'til you drop
      whenever you can get away,
      then why not write
      all through the night
      and into the following day?

      The words are free
      take as many as can be
      you can exchange them
      at any time,
      and they won't
      cost you a dime.

  3. Debby, I love the new cover!

    Happy Father's Day to our readers who are fathers and father figures!

  4. We had the best lunch! All the kids came for Father's Day. So nice to have all my chicks at home!


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