Saturday, April 4, 2020

Weekend Editon


If you are not familiar with our giveaway rules, take a minute to read them here. It keeps us all happy! All winners should send their name, address, and phone number to claim prizes.  Note our new email address and please send your emails to

Monday:  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for playing with us on our March Open Critique Day!!!! We had so much fun and gained great insight working with so many of you! Winner of a one chapter critique is Anna Taylor Sweringen! Congratulations, Anna!!!

Wednesday: Mindy Obenhaus shared some advice on Writing Your Way. The winners of a copy of Her Rocky Mountain Hope are Vince, Anne Rightler, Jackie Smith, Karen Jennings and Angeline!

Friday:  Sending big thanks to amazing authors Linda Goodnight and Margaret Daley for jumping in with advice for our aspiring and established authors on Friday. You guys rocked, and your advice and words of wisdom are spot on. Winner of a surprise pack of books is Lisa Sapp.

Monday:  Mary is quietly composing an excellent post for Monday. Shhhhh.

Wednesday:  Ruthy on the other hand, thrives in chaos! Bring it on!
Friday: It's the 5th birthday of Carrie's blog Reading Is My SuperPower, and Beth Erin is going to interview her about building a successful platform/brand and who knows what else. It should be entertaining if nothing else. :)

Ruthy's second GOLDEN GROVE book is on sale nationwide now!!! 

Learning to Trust has just hit Walmarts, Krogers, Harris Teeters, Winn Dixies, wherever you shop and mass market paperbacks are sold! A beautiful story of a girls quest to help her Daddy find a wife... and the woman who's right next door. I hope you all love this newest Love Inspired by Ruth Logan Herne!

Slips onto the ECPA Bestseller list!



Dangerous Amish Inheritance
By Debby Giusti
“Move off the mountain. No one wants you here.”

Can this Amish widow survive her dangerous stalker?
Someone wants Ruthie Eicher off Amish Mountain…enough to terrorize the widow and her boys. Now Ruthie must rely on her former sweetheart, Noah Schlabach—the secret father of her eldest son—as they figure out why. But Noah has turned his back on love and the Amish way of life. Can he shield Ruthie…without breaking her heart again?

Order HERE!

2nd Quarter Writing Classes with Laurie Schnebly Campbell at An Indie Adventure

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8 Challenges (and Solutions) When Writing From Home by KM Weiland at Helping Writers Become Authors

Going Viral: A User's Guide by David Gaughran

11 Things Happy Authors Don't Do by Rachelle Gardner

Tax Time Chat For Authors by Jenny Hansen at Writers In The Storm

The Upside of Anxiety by Donald Maass at Writer Unboxed

How Indie Authors Can Be Of Service During the COVID-19 Crisis by Erika Liodice at Writer Unboxed

Writing During Quarantine by Tari Faris at Learn How To Write A Novel

How Authors Are Approaching Book Promotion During COVID-19 by Diana Urban at BookBub Partners


  1. Mary, congratulations on making the ECPA Bestseller list!!!! Go you!!!!!

    And wishing everyone a happy and peaceful and healthy stay-at-home Corona-Staycation!

    We'll stay Together/Apart and beat this thing yet!

    We defeated Tuberculosis, polio, scabies, scurvy, malaria, and so many other diseases.... we'll get Covid 19 on the run yet!

  2. Happy Saturday, everyone!

    I like the way Ruthy is calling our current situation a "staycation!" That sounds so much better.

    I'm spending the morning working on my WIP, then I'm looking forward to an afternoon with my feet up watching an episode of Midsomer Murders...between taking the puppies out. And in. And out.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Everyone! I'm working on my Spring 2021 story. Spent the morning working around the house. Have a wonderful day. I'm praying for you!


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