Saturday, May 22, 2021

Weekend Edition


If you are not familiar with our giveaway rules, take a minute to read them here. It keeps us all happy! All winners should send their name, address, and phone number to claim prizes.  Please send to If the winner does not contact us within two weeks, another winner may be selected.

Monday: Jan Drexler talked about taking a step back and revamping our careers (if needed.) Winner of an e-book copy of "A Home for His Family" is KayBee!

Tuesday:  Andrew Huff

Wednesday: Debby Giusti asked an important question on her WED blog: "So you want to be a writer?" Then she provided 5 steps to get started. Although a Back to Basics blogpost, she garnered a number of comments from folks who enjoyed reviewing the steps to publication. Debby hosted a drawing for her Publishers Weekly Bestseller, HIDDEN AMISH SECRETS, and the winner is Pat W! Congrats, Pat!!!

Friday: Kathy Geary Anderson

Monday: Erica

Tuesday: From ordinary to extraordinary! Guest Laurel Blount will be here to tell us how asking questions can make your story shine.

Wednesday:  Cate's back with another in her "Favorite Craft Books" series.

Thursday: Erin Stevenson will talk about Hitting the Wall, how to get through writer's block. Erin will give away a copy of her new release, Sisters Ever After.
Friday: Pam

RUTHY IS PART OF THE NEWEST GUIDEPOSTS MYSTERY SERIES "MIRACLES & MYSTERIES OF MERCY HOSPITAL", a beautiful set of stories set in gorgeous, historic Charleston. Join four hospital workers, Anne, Shirley, Joy and Evelyn as they delve into the questions and mysteries that crop up around this four on a regular basis, giving Ruthy and a host of wonderful authors the chance to solve these mysteries with them! Book one is on sale now! Use MERCY20 as a code to get 20% off book one.... and you can sign up for book one or the whole series and have them delivered to your door!

Ruthy's book "Prescription for Mystery" releases in four weeks, so get ready, folks! More to come! 

                                                      LINK TO GUIDEPOSTS  HERE!

Reclaiming My Life by Writing a Novel by Sarah Hughes at National Novel Writing Month

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The Relationship Between Stress and Creativity by Ellen Buikema at Writers In The Storm 

Strategies for Novelists Who Are Writing a Series by CS Lakin at Live Write Thrive

Power Up Individual Scenes with a Scene Tracker by Marissa Graff at Writers Helping Writers

How Analog Supports Creativity by Lidor Wyssocky at The Bullet Journal 

There's Writing - and Then There's Writing About Writing by Barbara Linn Probst at Writer Unboxed

Zoom Fatigue for Writers Validated by Susan U. Neal at The Write Conversation

Writing Full-Time Takes a Work/Life Balance by C. Hope Clark at BookBaby Blog


  1. Happy Saturday morning, everyone!

    We're having a cool and foggy morning here in the Black Hills, so my planned gardening work is delayed until Monday. But it's a great day for writing. :-)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. The weather is perfect in GA! Enjoy your weekend!


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