Saturday, October 1, 2022

Weekend Edition


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Monday: Erica Vetsch brought you a peek behind the publishing curtain!

Tuesday: Carmen Shober

Wednesday: Cate Nolan

Thursday: "Does your character believe a lie?" DiAnn Mills asked readers that very question.  The winner of her latest release, Concrete Evidence is: JCP.

Monday: Mary Connealy

Tuesday: Guest blogger Rebekah Firmin of MockingbirdArtistStudios will join us! And you could win her new book, My Little Mockingbird

Wednesday: Mindy Obenhaus will be here to share something she hasn't quite figured out just yet. 

Thursday: Audra Harders wraps up her retirement series with encourage for those with a dry well of creativity. Leave a comment and check back on Saturday to see whose name is drawn for a prize!  
Friday: Meez Carrie 

Jan Drexler's newest book is out! 
The Case of the Artist's Mistake, book two in The Sweetbrier Inn Mysteries!



By Debby Giusti

An assassin’s loose in Amish country…

and she’s not the only target.

When a radio broadcast describes taxi driver Lily Hudson’s passenger as an armed criminal, she becomes his immediate target. Narrowly escaping, Lily accepts Matthias Overholt’s offer to hide at his Amish family farm for Christmas—until evidence reveals the gunman’s plan is tied to Lily’s past. Now to prevent an assassination, Lily and Matthias must unravel a years-old conspiracy…and evade a sniper who has them in his sights.

 Pre-Order HERE! 

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