Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Ringing in Advent with Apple Dumplings and Family Memories

There's just something magical about the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. In some ways, we rush about in the hustle and bustle of shopping and preparations, but deep down we embrace the peace that the season brings.

As I was thinking about all of these things together, I was reminded how everything really boils down to faith and family. I was reminded of dinners with my grandparents and vacations with them, and then celebrating big Thanksgiving and Christmases at my paternal grandparent's house with all my cousins, then much smaller get-togethers at my other grandparents as my mother was an only child.

Even now, my husband's family get-togethers tend to be larger than my side of the family. His family all live close and mine are more wide-spread. But large or small, all are precious and create lasting memories.

Sometimes it's the tradition of a certain food or a certain time. For instance, my mother-in-law has served a mid-morning breakfast for Christmas for the last several years. The time of day and the break from traditional foods has always been a wonderful respite on Christmas Eve. And who doesn't love biscuits, bacon, and eggs?

In keeping with this month's theme, I'm going to share a recipe, but it might not be one you'd want to serve with breakfast, but then again... lol

We had "Second" Thanksgiving at my house on Sunday since my youngest son had to work on Thanksgiving Day. I invited my in-laws and my mother-in-law came with Apple Dumplings since that's his favorite dessert. She didn't know that I also made Apple Dumplings because... well, it's my son's favorite dessert. So we had 32 apple dumplings between us!

This led to an in-depth discussion of how we made our dumplings, plus another long email discussion among the Seekers of who's made them, how, and what ingredients. I'm not sure if Apple Dumplings has ever has as much air time as they have this week.

So, without further ado, I'm going to share my mother-in-law's version of Apple Dumplings, since it's the easiest thing to remember by far.

Two-fer Apple Dumplings
(I'm calling these Two-fer, because you use TWO of everything)

2 apples, peeled, cored and cut into 16 slices
2 cans of crescent rolls (8 per pack)
2 cups sugar (white or brown, or mixed works)
2 sticks of butter
10 ounces of either Sprite, orange juice, or Mountain Dew
Optional: Sprinkle of cinnamon

Spray a 9x16 glass casserole dish with Pam or a smear of butter
Wrap each apple slice in a crescent roll
Melt butter and mix with sugar and pour over the top
Pour the Sprite or orange juice around the edges

Bake on 340-350 until crescent roll tops are nice and brown. There will still be a good bit of liquid/juice, but this will soak up as the dish cools a bit. Eat warm or cold, and with vanilla ice cream if you like.

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  1. Hey, our conversations pushed me to add crescent rolls and apples to my lists for our Herne family party and then our Blodgett celebration... I'd forgotten how much I love, love, love those apple dumplings!!!!! You revived a great memory for me! And I'm in love with Cowpaw stories! Kids + Farm + Love = BEST EVER!!!!

    1. After discussing Apple Dumplings for 4 days, how could I not blog about them? Lol

      And the Cowpaw books! I love them. The kids love them and all of Cowpaw’s FANS love them! Friends who haven’t really seemed to get excited about my adult books are telling me to save them a copy and/or they’re ordering it from AMZ. I asked if I was “chopped liver”? Lol

      Anonymous Pam (sending from my phone)

  2. Apple desserts are vastly underrated. I love dumplings, pie, cobbler and especially apple crisp, hot with vanilla ice cream. I may just try these!
    Pam, congratulations on your novella collection and especially the children's book. Isn't it exciting to try new things?
    Kathy Bailey
    Your Kaybee
    Holiday prep in New Hampshire

    1. I might have some dumplings for breakfast! Lol

      And the kids picture book, designing, editing pictures that Cowpaw took, writing rhyming copy, designing the interior pages and cover for both print and ebook, formatting and learning how to upload to KDP was so much fun. Don’t get me wrong, it was work, but a lot of fun. I’m working on book #2, Feeding the Moooos with Cowpaw. I had hoped to have it Disney before Christmas, but I’m cutting it close. Fingers crossed!


  3. You'll have to color me tickled. When I read "Spray a 9x16 glass casserole dish with Pam." Pam is spraying the dish with herself. :D :D Okay, yeah. I'm a dork.

    1. Lol I know. I was trying to think of a different word to describe that spray stuff, but since Pam was the original brand (I think) that’s all I could come up with. Why they named it Pam is beyond me!

  4. I will have to keep this recipe. It looks good. Actually, I think I will need to make a Seeker recipe book this month!

    1. I don’t blame you. We could probably cook an entire dinner from the recipes this month.


  5. Yum! I'm suddenly hungry. Thanks for the recipe, Pam. Also, congrats on your two new releases! The covers look great! Good for you!

  6. That recipe sounds yummy! I can't wait to try it!

  7. Your family and the holidays are just a hoot, Pam!
    I can't wait to try these apple dumplings!!
    Audra, the Anonymous


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